Facial Treatments


At the heart of Carol Joy London is our ability to deliver instant, transformational results and a client experience that surpasses all others. We use the finest, clinically-proven ingredients combined with innovative spa technology to achieve brighter, more youthful and radiant skin. Whatever your skin concern, we have a treatment to suit you and your needs.
Body Treatment Ingredients

Refined Golden Millet Oil

Clinically proven to improve the condition of skin, hair and nails due to its high Oleic acid content, Omega Oils, and Essential Fatty Acids. Regenerates the epidermis, reduces trans-epidermal water loss, and repairs and protects against environmental damage.


Derived from Medical Grade Collagen, the collagen fibres, molecules, and skin-identical collagen peptides strengthen the skin’s moisture binding capacity, encourage tissue regeneration, and boost cell metabolism.

Caviar Algae

Contains high levels of amino acids, minerals and glucosides that dramatically reduce trans-epidermal moisture loss, tighten and restructure skin, and have a major influence on cell metabolism and skin moisture levels.

24 Carat Gold

Ions in pure 24 Carat Gold increase the metabolism of skin cells by encouraging cell regeneration. Gold also aids in oxygen and moisture retention, reducing the breakdown of collagen and thus firming the skin and increasing its radiance.


Pure Gold Collagen Facial Treatments by Carol Joy London

Signature Facial, 60 minutes

To rehydrate, brighten, clear and soothe skin.

This massage based facial is deeply hydrating, lifting and detoxifying. Rich in youth promoting properties, this treatment rejuvenates and instantly brightens the complexion thanks to regenerating clinically-proven Refined Golden Millet Oil, precious Caviar Algae and innovative myofascial massage techniques.

Pure Gold and Collagen Facial, 60 minutes

To brighten, restore radiance and lift the skin.

The ultimate skin brightening treatment using the powerful properties of 24 Carat Gold and Pure Collagen. The facial begins with a plumping Pure Collagen Mask combined with a lifting and toning massage. 24 Carat Gold Leaf is applied and massaged into the skin using gentle, circular movements. The treatment ends with a spritz of Pure Collagen Spray to give a youthful glow.

The Dorchester Spa Signature Facial, 60 minutes

To restore moisture, brighten, refresh and calm the skin.

This bespoke facial utilises the power of Refined Golden Millet Oil and Pure Collagen to hydrate, lift and plump skin in need of brightening and rejuvenation. A Pure Collagen Mask, combined with Myofascial massage, followed by the restorative Lifting Mask leaves skin glowing, plump and youthful.

Pure Collagen and Oxygen with Diamond Touch, 90 minutes

To rejuvenate, reduce pigmentation and restore youthfulness to the skin.

This facial draws on the power of Pure Collagen, Pure Hyperbaric Oxygen and Diamond Microdermabrasion to address skin concerns such as blemishes, redness, uneven pigmentation and skin lacking moisture. This treatment detoxifies, brightens and refines skin texture leaving the face with a radiant and youthful glow.

Pure Collagen Youthful Lift, 90 minutes

To tone, restore vitality and deliver youthfulness to the skin.

This facial provides instant transformational results in giving the skin increased tone and reducing the appearance of fine lines as well as boosting a youthful radiance. Using a combination of a Pure Collagen Mask and Myofascial facial massage, the face, neck and decollate are sculpted while acupressure provides a youthful energy.

Pure Oxygen Cell Rejuvenation, 90 minutes

To restore youthfulness, balance and moisture to the skin.

Restoring balance to environmentally damaged skin, this refreshing and transformative machine-led facial delivers Pure Hyperbaric Oxygen to promote cell renewal and repair damage. In addition, a combination of Pure Collagen and Refined Golden Millet Oil provides an instant glow while returning balance to the skin.

Pure Collagen Sculpting Eye Lift, 35 minutes

To reduce the appearance of fine lines, reduce head tension and awaken the eye area.

This eye lifting treatment delivers instant transformational results by harnessing the power of Pure Collagen and combining it with facial massage, precious jade and Refined Golden Millet Oil. The eye area is detoxified and firmed, fine lines reduced and eyes brightened.
Facial Treatments by Carol Joy London

The above is an edited range of our facial treatments. To discover more, visit our spa partners as listed on our locations page.